BMI products - USA - plumbing
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List List/Picture Boxes
Solid Brass Closed Bolts Assemblies
Stubout Elbows
CPVC Brass Adapters
Brass Sillcock Valves
Quarter Turn Boiler Drains
Snap-in Drain Covers
Lead Free Chrome Plated Ball Valves with Dual Outlets
Appliance Gas Valves with Yellow or Red Handle
PEX Pipe Radial Cutter
Lead Free Compression x Compression Ball Valves
Lead Free CCF Cast Tees
Quarter-Turn PEX Brass Sillcock Valves
Lead Free Cold Expansion Chrome Valves
Lead Free Cast Copper Unions
Lead Free Push-Fit Brass Ball Valves with FF Flexible Tube
Lead Free Cold Expansion Brass Valves
Heavy Duty No-Hub Couplings
Brass Closet Flanges
P-Traps with Cleanout Cast DWV
Lead Free Copper Companion Flanges #125
Merchant Steel Couplings
Wrot Copper Flush Bushing
Stubout Elbows with Flange
Hot and Cold Frost Free Faucets
Lead Free Chrome Plated Ball Valves with Dual Outlets
Plastic Clips & Bend Support
Lead Free Chrome Plated Valves with Water Hammer Arrester
Plastic J Clips with Nail
CxC Unions Wrot
Lead Free PEX x FIPS 90s Dropear
Lead Free PEX x C Brass Ball Valves
Brass Back Flow Squeeze-ins'
Lead Free Chrome Plated Valves 1/2 Push-Fit x 3/8 OD
Lead Free Press-Fit Ball Valves 600 WOG
P-Traps less Cleanout Cast DWV
Waste Connectors
Crimp Tools 3 Handles for Stainless Steel Ring