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Push-Fit Fittings - Lead Free
BMI USA Push-Fit Fittings - Lead Free
Price Lists and Packings
pdf PFTLS-21-4
xls PFTLS-21-4
pdf PFTLS-21-3
xls PFTLS-21-3
Effective Date
 2021-09-10 2021-08-13
Technical Specifications
pdf Forged Brass Push-Fit Fittings Specifications

pdf Push-Fit Fittings Installation Instructions

pdf BMI Push-Fit Limited Warranty
Promotional Flyers
pdf Lead Free Push-Fit Chrome Plated Valves

pdf Lead Free Push-Fit Brass Ball Valves with Flexible Braided Tube

pdf Lead Free Push-Fit Fittings
Lead Free Chrome Plated Valves 1/2 Push-Fit x 3/8 OD
Lead Free Push-Fit Brass Ball Valves with FF Flexible Tube